what if I don't have a roommate?

That's okay! We offer FREE roommate matching. You simply answer a few easy questions, and we take it from there. We make the best possible matches, in the hopes that you'll end up with life long friends!

Do you accepts pets?

We do! We accept dogs under 40 pounds, and cats. We do ask that you don't bring any dogs to Vine324 that could be considered aggressive breeds. Also, please make sure you only  bring pets that get along well with others! We do have a maximum of one pet, per person policy.

If my roommate doesn't pay their rent, will I be kicked out?

Nope! All the leases at Vine324 are per person leases. You are only responsible for your monthly rent. 


What is included in the Rent?

Vine324 is all inclusive. Your rent covers all utilities, WiFi, and cable. We do have parking options for an additional cost per month. 

Are the apartments co-ed?

Vine324 is a co-ed building, but the apartments are generally not co-ed. In order for males and females to share an apartment, all occupants must be in agreement as well as co-signers. 

Can I sublease my apartment?

Yes! We do ask that if you need to leave your apartment for any reason before your lease ends, that you call and speak to us first. We'll help you through the process of getting your apartment transferred to your sub-lessee.